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Imagine Yourself There. by Carol
Imagine yourself in the town of Las Terrenas or at the Playa Grande in the Dominican Republic. To help you out with your dream scenario, you can watch this video of Billy Tai Kite boarding in the Dominican Republic here: Kiteblog I love that ...
Ready or Not Here They Come by Carol
Well, the National Kitesurfing Championship is almost here, and to keep us abreast with all the goings on - the participants, the weather, the races, and the parties, P-Air, a seasoned kitesurfer and blogger, has agreed to be our correspondent! ...

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I contacted Jack McCoy directly through his website and he sent me an original dvd copy direct. Had to pay top whack for it but worth every penny 😎
by Ash - 1 week ago
Are you guys still keeping in contact? I was also looking for a place to take beginner lessons with hopes to one day kite surf on Lake Ponchatrain. It sounds like Mississippi is the ...
by Kerry - 2 weeks ago
I get the 403 forbidden message when editing this blog: http://www.kitesurfingbuddies.com/imagine-yourself-there.-69.html
by Vale - 3 weeks ago
Kitesurfer From: L.A. area New to New Orleans. Is there any kiting to be had in the summertime 'round here? I've been checking the meters from Lakefornt Airport to Mandeville. New Canal ...
by Guest - 3 weeks ago
I believe you can ask in any kite's store, they'd probably be able to direct you or even fix it themselves. Here's a search I made online, might be helpful too: ...
by jade - 3 weeks ago
Hi, I have liquid force assault 9 m kite wing, that needs a fixing on the inner tube, but I ll sell it to you for $300. If u interested let me know <phone>
by Gauthier - 3 weeks ago
I have windsurfed a 270 for years when I was a kid, that thing is very fast, but takes a lot of practice to jibe. I even took in waves and when the wind blows that thing can fly for a ...
by David - 1 month ago

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